Dear Michael,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest congratulations on your successful completion of the iBidElectric Electrical Estimating Course. You have worked tirelessly, demonstrating your commitment to your studies and your passion for learning.

You have submitted a proposal on a project over $1 Million and within 5% of our estimate.

Passing any course is an achievement in itself, but to do so successfully requires determination, dedication, and hard work. I am incredibly proud of you for having shown all of these qualities throughout the course, and for having come out the other side with a great result.

Your efforts have paid off, and your success in this course is a testament to your ability to set your mind to something and see it through to the end. It is a well-deserved reward for all of your hard work and dedication over the past few weeks/months.

But this is not just a personal triumph – it is also a significant step towards achieving your goals and ambitions. By completing this course, you have gained valuable knowledge, skills, and experience that will serve you well in your future endeavors.

I am confident that you will go on to achieve great things in your academic and professional life. You have shown that you have the discipline and determination to succeed, and I have no doubt that you will continue to make us proud in everything you do.

Once again, congratulations on your success in the iBidElectric Electrical Estimating Course. You should be proud of yourself for all that you have achieved, and I look forward to seeing what you accomplish next.

Best wishes,

Jeff Dickerson, CEO iBidElectric