This construction project aims to develop a modern and functional college classroom building spanning approximately 56,000 square feet. The building will provide diverse and adaptable learning spaces to accommodate a variety of academic disciplines. The project will involve constructing a new facility, ensuring compliance with educational facility standards, and creating an engaging and conducive environment for students and faculty.

Project Includes:

  1. Furnish & install lighting & controls
  2. Furnish & install 2000A 480/277V service
  3. Furnish & Install a 250KW Generator & Transfer Switch
  4. Furnish & install a 150 KVA UPS System
  5. Furnish & install all wall & floor outlets
  6. Furnish & install equipment connections
  7. Furnish & install pathways for low-voltage systems

Project: 56,000 Square Foot College Classroom Building

Location: Dallas

Labor: Non-Union

Electrical $ Per SF: $66.64

Labor Hours Per SF:  0.40