Does your company have estimating meetings?

Everyone hates the dreaded “Monday Morning Meeting” right?

I actually like them. First of all, not every contractor has them. Some have them with all the estimators & project managers in attendance, while others have them with only the Chief Estimator. I have worked for several contractors, some that do and some that do not. I have also seen several different variations of the “Monday Morning Meeting”. Below I will discuss what I believe is the best format. This is just my opinion, please feel free to leave a comment below.

What is a Monday Morning Meeting?

  1. I believe the Monday Morning Meeting should be strictly an estimating meeting. A project manager’s meeting can also be conducted on a Monday morning but should be a separate meeting. A company I used to work for, an ENR Top 40 contractor combined the two and it was no way to start the week. Estimators do not want to hear about problems in the field and project managers could care less about how many more projects they could potentially have to manage.
  2. I believe the estimating meeting should be attended by the company president, vice-president of operations, business development manager, chief estimator, and all senior estimators. The president may be interested in bonding capacity, the vice-president may be interested in field capacity, and the BD manager can discuss the new and pending opportunities while the estimators are interested in workload or scheduling all the new opportunities.
  3. There should always, always be a meeting agenda. These are typically prepared by the BD manager or Cheif Estimator. Basically, it is a spreadsheet or word document that lists all active bids, pending bids & upcoming opportunities.
  4. Part 1: Here is what we bid on last week. Here is what we are bidding on this week, and here is what we are bidding next week.
  5. Part 2: Here are the opportunities that I am following that will potentially be out for bid within the next 3, 6, or 12 months.
  6. A typical meeting should not last more than 30 minutes when the company President is in attendance and no more than 15 minutes when they are not.

As I first stated. I like Monday Morning Meetings. It is a great way to start off the week by knowing what you are responsible for as well as what others are responsible for.

Does your company have estimating meetings?
If you have estimating meetings on what day of the week are they held?



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