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Learn the Art & Science of Electrical Estimating with Our 3-Phase Approach

Learn Electrical Estimating Online

The #1 Online Electrical Estimating Training Program. We have trained electricians, electrical engineers, project managers, project assistants, and college interns. Learn from the convenience of your own home or office. Whether you are just starting your career or want to advance to the next level we have the best online training program for you or your key employees. 

Learn from your home or office.

Our Online Electrical Estimating Courses are available for you to learn the art of Electrical Estimating online. 

  • Online learning offers the flexibility to access educational materials and participate in courses from anywhere and at any time.
  • Online learning breaks down geographical barriers, allowing individuals to access educational resources and courses that may not be available in their local area.
  • Online learning can be more affordable compared to traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. It eliminates expenses such as commuting, housing, and textbooks.
  • Online learning employs a variety of multimedia tools, such as videos, interactive quizzes, and simulations, to enhance the learning experience.
  • Online learning provides opportunities for acquiring and developing digital skills that are increasingly valuable in today’s job market.
  • Online courses often allow students to learn at their own pace.
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Enroll In Our Online Electrical Estimating Program.

Below is a detailed description of our Online training program. 



Advanced Electrical Estimating & National Electrical Code 

Take your electrical estimating skills to the next level with our advanced electrical estimating class. Designed for professionals looking to refine their expertise, this course delves into the intricacies of complex electrical systems and sophisticated estimating techniques. Learn how to analyze intricate blueprints, navigate electrical codes, and accurately estimate the costs of large-scale projects. Our instructor will guide you through a real-world project, sharing their invaluable industry knowledge and proven strategies for success. Gain a deep understanding of specialized software tools and cutting-edge technologies used in advanced electrical estimating, and elevate your ability to deliver precise and competitive bids.


Review costs for a variety of electrical construction projects

  • Unit Costs
  • Assembly Costs
  • Square Foot Costs

Important Note: While all lessons are pre-recorded, each student will have access to their instructor via email throughout the course. If a question cannot be answered via email, the instructor will schedule a phone call, online meeting, or both with the student.  


  • Experience: 40 Years of Commercial Electrical Construction 
  • Positions: Junior, Senior, & Chief Estimator, VP Preconstruction
  • Employers: Local, Regional, and ENR Top 40 Electrical Contractors

Avoid Costly Mistakes:

Mistakes made during the preparation of an electrical construction estimate can cost tens of thousands of dollars if not more. Losing a project that could have provided valuable backlog and profit can cost a contractor hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed opportunities. Learn how to properly prepare an electrical construction cost estimate to avoid costly errors and increase your chances to win profitable projects. 

Some common mistakes:

  • Misinterpreting the scope of work. 
  • Missing documents & addenda.
  • Incorrectly understanding match lines.
  • Unrealistic labor units
  • Miscalculating general conditions & direct job expenses.

Online Electrical Estimating Course

The iBidElectric Electrical Estimating Course – is more than an introductory course. Of course, we teach you how to develop the skills and knowledge to accurately estimate costs to construct electrical projects. We go beyond that and teach you advanced estimating & business development techniques to win profitable projects. 

Course Setting: Online

Length of Course:

Basic Electrical Estimating – Study at your own pace.

Course Schedule:  All classes in our online classroom. 

Course Prerequisites: Must have a high-speed internet connection with the latest web browsers.

Who Should Enroll: 

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Project Managers

  • Electricians
  • Construction Managers

  • Facility Managers

  • College Interns

Learn Electrical Estimating Online

Here, we offer the most unique training system for electrical estimators available. Yes, there are other training courses available. Typically these are conducted offline in a remote classroom that can require travel time & lodging. Our course is conducted entirely online.

Electrical Estimating – Advanced

Course Outline:

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Electrical Estimating II

Lesson 2 – Specification Review

Lesson 3 – Plan Review

Lesson 4 – Lighting & Controls

Lesson 5 – Distribution

Lesson 6 – Branch Power

Lesson 7 – Equipment

Lesson 8 – Conduit & Wire Lighting

Lesson 9 – Conduit & Wire Power

Lesson 10 – Conduit & Wire Distribution

Lesson 11 – Fire Alarm System

Lesson 12 – Tele Data

Lesson 13 – Audio Visual

Lesson 14 – Security & Access Control

Lesson 15 – Estimate Review

Lesson 16 – Pricing the Estimate

Lesson 17 – Estimate Recap

Lesson 18 – Proposal & Negotiation