Electrical Estimating Service

Our electrical estimating service for owners, facility managers, architects, engineers construction managers, and electrical contractors help them save time, money and win new projects. Each of our estimates is prepared with over 30 years of electrical estimating experience.

During those 30 years, we have prepared estimates on every type of project imaginable. From retail stores to nuclear power plants and almost everything in between.

Here is how our estimates help our clients:

Building Owners & Developers

Having an accurate budget prepared before and during the design phase helps building owners & developers know upfront what the cost will be once bids are received. We not only give you accurate cost estimates but also help to clearly define the scope of work to ensure that prices will be as competitive as possible.

Facility Managers

We help save facility managers time and money by establishing the baseline cost for electrical projects, clearly defining the scope of work and answering the inevitable questions electrical contractors will have during the bid phase of the project. We also work closely either with our engineer or yours to help keep costs in line with our initial budget.

Architects & Engineers

Many times the client requires that a cost estimate be prepared by the A&E team prior to contracting with a construction manager. We have worked with both architects & engineers to help establish a baseline budget for the electrical scope of work which can sometimes account for 20% of the total construction budget due to the increasing needs & costs of low voltage systems.

Construction Managers

We help construction managers in a variety of ways. Actually the majority of our clients are construction managers. The most common use of our service is during the preconstruction phase of a design-build project. We can help you establish the electrical budget for the project prior to award and help you keep it under budget after the award.

Electrical Contractors

We help electrical contractors compete for additional projects during peak construction seasons as well as when they want a parallel estimate for a large project to minimize risk and increase their odds of winning. Each estimate is prepared with the most current version of Accubid Pro and can be exported into an easy to recap Excel spreadsheet.

Free Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about our electrical estimating service please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project needs using the form below or feel free to call us at 888-539-2240.