This construction project aims to build a towering office complex spanning approximately 315,000 square feet. The office tower will provide modern and flexible workspaces for businesses, accommodating a large number of employees. The project will involve constructing a high-rise building with multiple floors, advanced technological infrastructure, energy-efficient systems, and captivating architectural design.

Project Includes:

  1. Lighting & Controls
  2. Distribution Panels & Transformers
  3. 500 KW Generator
  4. Wall & Floor Outlets
  5. Fire Alarm System Roughin Only
  6. Tele/Data System Roughin Only
  7. Security System Rouhin Only
  8. Distributed Antennae System  (DAS) Roughin Only

Project: 315,000 Square Foot Office Tower

Location: San Diego

Labor: Union

Electrical $ Per SF: $74.53

Labor Hours Per SF:  0.36