Which switchgear manufacturer do you prefer?

When you receive gear quotations for a project that you are bidding, are you like me and hope that your favorite manufacturer comes in with a low price? I definitely have my favorite gear manufacturer for several reasons.

  1. They typically have a complete bill of material.
  2. Their price is almost always competitive.
  3. The sales rep visits our office occasionally and calls often to see what we are bidding.
  4. They trust me to give me their best number knowing I will not leak it to their competition.

There are several other reasons, like quality, delivery times, etc. I know I cannot play favorites or I will not get the best number from the other manufacturers. I do not always use this manufacturer but I do prefer them over all the rest at least in my area.

Which of the following switchgear manufacturers do you prefer?
What do you like about this manufacturer? (Select all that apply)

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