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Welcome to iBidElectric

Electrical Estimating I – Basic

Unlock the fundamentals of electrical estimating and embark on a rewarding career in the construction industry with our comprehensive basic electrical estimating class. This course is perfect for beginners and aspiring professionals who want to develop a solid foundation in estimating electrical projects.



Electrical Estimating II – Advanced

Take your electrical estimating skills to the next level with our advanced electrical estimating class. Designed for professionals looking to refine their expertise, this course delves into the intricacies of complex electrical systems and sophisticated estimating techniques.


Electrical Estimating III – Design Build

During this course, our instructor will show you how he helped his employer, an electrical contractor, more than double their annual revenue from $40M to nearly $100M in 5 years by successfully competing and winning design-build/design-assist electrical construction projects.

Discover the key to accurate design build estimating and propel your career in the electrical construction industry with our comprehensive class in conceptual estimating. Designed for professionals seeking to enhance their estimating skills, this course offers a deep dive into the art and science of conceptual estimating. 

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Why iBidElectric?

Lifetime Access

One time enrollment fee. No monthly subscriptions. Watch the lessons as often as you need.

Learn At Your Own Pace

No need to travel to a remote location on a specific date or time. You can take classes on your schedule.

Certificate of Completion

The student’s proposal must be +/- 5% of the instructor’s proposal to pass.

40 Years of Experience

Your instructor has over 40 years of electrical estimating experience with startups as well as ENR Top 40 contractors.

Software Included

We provide everything you need to complete an estimate for a commercial project exceeding $1 Million Dollars.

24/7 Immediate Access

Once enrolled you you will have immediate access to the Level 1 online classroom.

Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Mistakes made during the preparation of an electrical construction estimate can cost tens of thousands of dollars if not more. Losing a project that could have provided valuable backlog and profit can cost a contractor hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed opportunities. Learn how to properly prepare an electrical construction cost estimate to avoid costly errors and increase your chances to win profitable projects. 

Some common mistakes:

  • Misinterpreting the scope of work. 
  • Missing documents & addenda.
  • Incorrectly understanding match lines.
  • Unrealistic labor units
  • Miscalculating general conditions & direct job expenses.

Learn Electrical Estimating Online

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