Learn electrical estimating. We specialize in online training for electricians, project managers, warehouse managers, and college interns who want to learn the art & science of electrical estimating.

Learn Electrical Estimating

The demand for electrical estimators has never been greater!

There is currently a great demand for educated, experienced electrical estimators. One reason, of course, is the continued growth in the construction sector. The other is the lack of available training. Many colleges today offer construction management degrees. Here, students primarily learn how to become project managers. Therefore, the estimating profession is rarely if at all promoted.

Search any job engine today and you will find job openings across the country for junior, senior & chief electrical estimators. Depending on the location many of these job opportunities exceed a base salary of $100,000.00. Yet, the availability of senior estimators is nearly non-existent because senior estimators are highly valued and well paid and do not move from company to company very often.

Even when one does become available contractors will typically spend 20% of the first-year salary to a recruiter. Therefore contractors are paying tens of thousands of dollars to hire an estimator. Then they hope and pray the estimator stays more than a year, if not they will pay another large sum of money to recruit the next.

We say, train an estimator not hire a recruiter.

Here, we offer the most unique training system for electrical estimators available. Yes, there are other training courses available. Typically these are 2-5 days of sitting in a remote classroom with a group of other students and very little one-to-one training is given your future estimator.

At the end of these classes, the student typically learns how to set up a feeder schedule, the difference between counting fixtures and devices, and maybe when to run EMT versus PVC.

The cost of these courses range from $995.00 to over $2,000.00 and in many cases additional costs for travel & lodging, not to mention time away from the office.

OnDemand Instruction

We offer a different solution. We provide OnDemand training in the comfort of your own office, at your own computer, and on your time schedule, with an instructor with over 30 years of experience with several ENR Top 40 electrical contractors. 

Who have we trained in the past?

Electrical Engineers

Project Managers


Warehouse Managers

Purchasing Agents

College Interns

We offer a variety of courses to help train the electrical estimators of tomorrow:

Electrical Blueprint Reading 

This course is for students that have no electrical construction knowledge or experience. For example college interns.

Electrical Estimating I 

This course is for students that have a working knowledge of electrical construction documents. For example, electrical engineers, electricians & project managers as well as students that have taken our electrical blueprint reading course.

Electrical Estimating II

This course is for students that have some experience preparing electrical estimates but are not self-sufficient. For example, interns or junior estimators that you have been working with or students that have completed our Electrical Estimating I course.

Design-Build Estimating

This course is for students who have electrical estimating experience working on design bid build projects and want to advance to conceptual estimating for design-build projects.

Accubid Pro

This course is for students that have experience preparing electrical estimates manually or with spreadsheets and want to advance to computerized electrical estimating.

OnScreen Takeoff

This course is for students that have experience preparing estimates using only blueprints and want to advance to using paperless onscreen takeoff software.

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