Learn Electrical Estimating – Beginner Level

In order to fit our classes into everyone’s schedule the classes will now be recorded and available to you onDemand.

Learn on your own schedule

We specialize in training your electricians, project managers, warehouse managers, and college interns who want to learn the art & science of electrical estimating and become your electrical estimator of the future. 

The demand for electrical estimators has never been greater!

There is currently a great demand for educated, experienced electrical estimators. One reason, of course, is the continued growth in the construction sector. The other is the lack of available training. Many colleges today offer construction management degrees. Here, students primarily learn how to become project managers. Therefore, the estimating profession is rarely if at all promoted.

Learn Electrical Estimating Online

Here, we offer the most unique training system for electrical estimators available. Yes, there are other training courses available. Typically these are conducted offline in a remote classroom that can require travel time & costs. Our course is conducted entirely online.

Who have we trained in the past?

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Electricians
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Purchasing Agents
  • College Interns

Save over 50% – The Cost of the OnDemand Course is now only $1,495.00.

Course Length – 12 Weeks

Course Outline

  • Week 1 – Introduction to Estimating
  • Week 2 – Fixture Takeoff
  • Week 3 – Distribution Takeoff
  • Week 4 – Power Takeoff
  • Week 5 – Equipment Takeoff
  • Week 6 – Systems Takeoff
  • Week 7 – Branch Conduit & Wire Takeoff
  • Week 8 – Feeder Conduit & Wire Takeoff
  • Week 9 – Material Pricing
  • Week 10 – Labor Units
  • Week 11 – General Expenses
  • Week 12 – Estimate Recap & Written Proposal

Learn By Watching

You will learn the process of electrical estimating by watching your instructor prepare a complete electrical estimate on a $4 Million commercial project. Beginning with specification review and all the way through the recap and proposal.

Learn By Doing

Each student will prepare a complete estimate during the course.  The student will be given access to an online takeoff application that will allow them to complete each step of the estimate themselves. Each student will also be given our Microsoft Excel Estimate Spreadsheet that we have spent many hours & years developing. You must have Excel on our computer to use our spreadsheet. You will also need an internet connection to attend our online classes. 

 Learn Electrical Estimating Online

The first class will be posted on October 17th at 12 PM EST.